I wish to upgrade from the free version of efficient to do list, I have a network without a server-just a shared network hard drive & I wish to install on 2 PCs. Can you please advise if I require the network version of efficient to do list or the standard.
If you want to share the data between the two computers, you should buy the network version. But each computer need to obtain a network authority, so you should buy two licenses. If you buy the personal version, you have to use a flash drive to sync. the data.

How do I quickly remove all completed tasks?
Sorry, we are afraid you have to remove the completed one by one. But you could choose to "hide the completed task" in the left pane.

Did the install but the new version will not open my data file --- apparently it is looking for it to be type .effx but the old file has a .eff suffix. How do I get the new 3.0 version to work with my old data file?
Please search the .eff file under "My Documents". And then please open them in the new version, the system will update the file automatically.

Efficient To-Do List can i run it in a LAN environment of 10 user or less?
Sorry, the current version does not have this feature. We will consider adding it in future versions. P.S The 3.0 version has added the online version which has realized this feature.

Just bought and set this up. For the first days, my task list showed up in a box on the right side. Now, the box is there and headed "Tasks" but it's empty. All the tasks and groups show up when I bring up the task page-just don't show in the task box with the calendar.
Please try to choose "all tasks" in "View-Taskpad View".

I've changed computers and want to reinstall my purchased Efficient To-Do List application and data. Can you help me find out how to reinstall my registered copy?
Firstly, please backup the data in the old To-Do List application to a flash drive or something like it; then, download and install a new To-Do List application to your new computer, the download link is ; Finally, restore the data in your flash drive to the new To-Do List application.

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