Once you purchase the licence, do you get free upgrades? For how long?
After you buy the software,we will present two years' free upgrade. After two years, you could either pay for the upgrade or use the existed features forever.

You can't mark an event/a task as completed can you?
You could mark the task as completed.

How do I put a task into a group folder?
You could choose the group first and then create "new task". The new task will belong to this group.

You have both Groups and Categories. How are these different? Does one sort or report different than the other?
The groups and category are two independent thing. The groups refer to that shows in the left lane while the category will show in the main show field if you choose it to show in "Customize Current View".

I just bought the to do list , I put in the code and it won't go.
The registration code now is for the 3.0 or the above version specially. Please check whether you are using the 3.0 version by "Help-About". If not, please upgrade to the 3.0 version.

If I use your free version, will I be able to import my Palm database?
Our software support importing any and only .csv file.

I purchased the to do list, but recently have had to rebuild my system due to the "system-Fix virus that wiped out everything. With the informat5ion above can a again download the purchased version, if so how can I proceed.
Please download the software in our website: . We have imported all the customers' purchase information to our customer management system. So you can get the new registration code in the following website by the email address you left when you bought our product:

Unfortunately, all that is coming up is an outdated file; I am unable to find my most recent files. And it appears that they might have overwritten everything else now, which is a serious problem. Do you have any more advice on where I can find the data I need?
Try to find out the latest backup file in the autobackup folder whose name is "Efficient PIM AutoBackup" in "My Documents".

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