I have a purchased a license but I am unable to figure out how to properly activate this software? When I go to the link below it does not take me to the download section? Can you kindly advise?
You could download it in our website: .

Is there a way to save or backup the TASKS? If yes, does it perform auto backup?
Yes, you could backup the data in "File-backup". Our software has autobackup feature, the autobackup file will be saved in the installation folder of the software.

I have the software and it is working fine. How do you print the calendar,,, month view with events/appointments showing?
The current version of our software could only print the contents in the show field as table format.

when i attempt to run the software it brings up the error message "MyToDoList.etdx is not a valid Efficient to-do list free file" and I can't get past this message
The file could only be opened in the 3.0 version. Please make sure what you are using is the 3.x version.

I have been using To Do and built layers of groups and sub-groups. I have downloaded PIM and imported all tasks from To Do. However, they did not come over in groups and sub-groups. Is there a way to import all tasks with the groups and sub-groups or do I have to import each sub-group individually?
We are afraid you need to import the subgroup manually. We will contact the development department about it.

Hi. I am able to ad tasks to the to do list and I think I know how to create a file but every time I try to open a file that I have created it says I cannot, it says file cannot be opened and that it may be in use by another program but it isn't. This issue sort of defeats the purpose of the program. I can make lists but can't refer back to them. Please help! I can be reached at this email address or at 510-655-**** after 11 am Pacific Time and through early evening 'til about 9 pm Pacific Time. Your help is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Debra Harrison
Please unselect the option "Allow Multiple Instances" in "Tools-Options-General".

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