i m currently using in desktop but i want to transfer in desktop what can i do plz help me as soon as poosble
Firstly, please download the software in our website and install it into your new computer. Secondly, backup the data in your old computer. Thirdly, restore the backup file in the new software in your new computer.

i have come to know that pim comes with all necessary & good features. but it is a bit costly for me. presently to do list is much more important for me. is it possible that i purchase to do list now and you allow me to purchase pim by paying difference of price only.
You could pay to upgrade from the Efficient To Do List to Efficient PIM in our website: .

Hi, I updated from v3.0 to v3.1 (free version) and now are all of my tasks disapperead. I checked filters and trashbox, but I don't see any task. I also tried to open the edtx-file from the autobackup-folder - nothing...
The upgrade of our software won't delete any of your file, please global search the .etdx in the computer and then open it in our software.

When I try to add a new task i give the strating date but in the dield ending date it seems that there is a problem since it gives me the following message format '%' invalid or incompatible with argument. I work imn Greece with the greek language and the date formats are dd/mm/yyyy The events work fine with the starting and ending dates.
The process percentage (%) in our task should be traced by yourself, it means you need to mark the % manually. Then you could know how much you have finished about a task.

I have just purchased a licence for the Efficient to do list. I am currently running the free version which is V3.1. I cannot find where to enter the registration code. When I click on help I don't get the option to Enter reg code as you can see on the attached doc. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong please
The free version couldn't be registered. So you need to download the professional edition in our website:

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