Excuse me.I have two tasks in your Software(Efficient To-Do List) And I Want to Attach task one into task two
You can drag the sub one to the father one. Or you can right click the sub one, and the click Indent in the popup menu.

I went to the efficiency to do program and saved the file as to do list.effx. When I opened the PIM program and tried to open that file, it gave me an error message which was sent to your web site. It was asking for a file with extensions of *.epim What did I do wrong ?
Please open EfficientPIM, and cilck Open on File menu. And then please select All Files(*.*) of the Files of type. After that you can open the files of Efficent To-Do List in PIM

Could you provide me a download link fort he regular version of ToDoList, which can be installed on a Windows workstation and which is able to connect tot he already installed server?
After you open and connect to Efficient To-Do List server, you can click Users on Fie menu. And then you can add two clients in this window: Tips: you can install it according to the guide:

I got the free download but realize that I could benefit from the business edition where I can see the appointments for a week. I am a single user, no network, which version should I purchase.
You could see the appointments for a week in the personal edition too. If you don't need share the data with other computers, the personal edition is ok for you.

I copied files .etdx files to my laptop. On trying to open them it looks for a password. WHAT is that all about ?
Our software won't change anything of your data. It might be you set a password for it.

I recently purchased the Efficient To-Do List. I did not know the Efficient PIM program was available. Can I upgrade from the ToDo List to the PIM software?
Yes, you could pay for the upgrade to Efficient PIM in our website:

As of today, Feb. 23, 2013 all my appointment entries are gone. Why might that be?
Our software won't delete any of your information, please search the .ecfx file in your computer and then open it in our software.

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