I bought a ToDoList software for 3 licenses on a network. I would like to know if it is possible to print the tasks on a way similar to the TREE that is on the screen ?
We have enhanced the printing function already. You can upgrade to the latest version at Tip : Before you print it, please click Expand All on View menu.

1.One important feature that I'm not able to find in your tool is > the ability to aggregate tasks from sub-lists into the parent list. Is there a way to do this that I'm not finding, or is it not a feature > of the tool? If not, will you provide it in the next release? 2.Another minor suggestion: tasks without a "due date" can be considered > less urgent (or not yet scheduled), so that they should appear *after* > tasks with specified due dates when the tasks are sorted by date.
1.When you set a subtask, there will be a button in the front of the parent-task. You can click it to show your subtasks. 2.For another question, there is not any special mark to the task which has not due date. However, you can drag them to change the order easily.

On the contacts list is there a way to sort them by Last Name? I've tried, and actually found under tools>options default order and changed it there; however the contacts window is still sorting by first name first. Is there a way to make it sort by last name?
You can click Customize Current View on the top of Navigation Panel, and then click Sort button on the Customize View dialog box. After that you can choose it.

I have a new laptop. I want to uninstall my current version of Efficient To Do List on my old laptop, and install it on my new laptop. How do I go about this? I don't need it on 2 laptops, just the new one.
Of course you can uninstall Efficient To-Do List. And you can copy your old *etdx.files to your new computer, you also can open them in Efficient To-Do List on your new one. You can download Efficient To-Do List at

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