Do you have an option for tracking completed tasks? For example the date and person who completed the task last year.
when you assigning tasks, you can choose the person to finish the task you assigned and the finish date to. the steps are : first, you set a task. then, right click the task and choose 'Assign to'.

I understand that efficient to do is portable in that it can be run off a USB drive when the personal edition is purchased. Does it work with an Android, Blackberry, or Iphone? If not, are there any plans to make such a version? I like the program very much, better than any other to do/project planner I have found, but would like it available on my phone. I would like to upgrade to the the paid personal edition but because I am on the road so much a version available on my phone would be helpful.
we are so appreciated that your support to our product. please don't worry. our programmers are developing the version that can be used on phone. after finish it, we will tell you as soon as possible.

I have just downloaded Portable Efficient ToDoList. The tool looks fantastic as I have been searching for a mylti level task tool. A couiple of questions: 1) Is there, or are there any plans to have the ability to connect to Outlook with this tool? Realising that Outlook (2010/13) does not have multi level tasks, perhaps the level 1 task only could be synchronized to Outlook with the next subtask date as its due/reminder date? 2) Is there any difference between the portable and non-portable versions (other than the obvious portability). IOW is the instal version perhaps faster or additional features etc? 3) I just noticed your EfficientPIM tool which may be of even more interest to me. Same question re Outlook. Also, is there a portable version?
for the first question, i will suggest our programmers for the sencond question,the functions of the two version is the same, its difference is portability for the third question,yep, there is also portable version hope it helps

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