Are you saying that your system would actually upgrade my version and cause it to stop working rather than notify the expiry (which I was not aware of) and stop me from using the data any more?
the thing is, after you bought it, you have two years time for free upgrading, if you not upgrade it anymore after two years, you can use the version you own forever; if you want to upgrade it after two years, you need renew it. through your email address, i did not find your information, i just guess it maybe leaded to by that

Is there a iPad version available for MyToDoList?
sorry that we do not have it now, but we are devoting to developing this kind of version. after finish, we will tell you as soon as we can

Do I need to repurchase? This dialog says it was successful, but it's requiring that I put the code in at each use.
your time for free upgrading has been expired at August 16, 2013. please renew at:

In the Tasks tab, i have the column "% Complete". On a desired event I click to edit the value. The drop-down selection appears with the 25,50,75,100 values. It is impossible to edit it to 10%. Instead of doing this, in order to get on an event 10% completion, I have to edit it, by double clicking on it. Even when i do this, when i edit the completed box, the drop down appears, and as i type 10, the box automaticly selects 100%. I press enter, the field fills with 100, and just now I am able to edit it as text and delete the last 0 from 100 (and press enter) in order to have the desired completion on that event. This is a tedious action, that I(and all other users) have to undergo in order to achieve a small change. The best fix, in my optinion would be to have an option in the preferences settings allowing me to preset my completion values, or to to put a "+" and a "-" sign in the Events tab, completion column and increment by 10.
i got your meaning, and had a try. you are right. when you type in 10, the software have a default that you want to put 100 according to the option. also if you type in 2, 5 and 7, after you press enter, the default is 25, 50 and 75. but it you try others, it won't be like that. many thanks for your suggestion, i will tell our programmers about this.

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