Sorry i don't understand your reply. I currently have reverted back to 1.68 and it opens the *.etd backup files. If i install 3.1 it removes 1.68 first, as part of installation, and does not then recognise/open the *.etd backup files and presents a blank "save as" box for *.etdx files. Of course 1.68 which would open them is then no longer installed.
We changed the file format in the 3.x version to .etdx. And when you open the .etd file in the 3.x version, the system will upgrade the file to .etdx file automatically.

I've installed the program, but cannot work out how to put data into a 'To Do' list for this and subsequent years. From where can I get this information?
Please create new "task".

I already have your password manager and to do list. If I purchase the complete PIM programme can the information from those 2 programmes be exported to the main PIM programme. And is this a one time charge or is there an annual fee for the complete programme.
You could export the data in those two software and then import them to Efficient PIM. Once you buy it, we will provide 2 years' free upgrade, after 2 years, you could either pay to upgrade, or use the existed feature forever.

That doesn't do it. I can put as many events as I want in the Events list and select any view and I simply don't see the events on the calendar. The first events were there but some of them has disappeared as well. I want the to stay there. Is there a number I can call for tech support? I need to get this resolved.
The event should be shown in the calendar. Please try to download the latest build in our website.

I would like to alter the font size of the external area i.e the part that states File Edit View Go Tools Action Help and the area down the left hand side.
The font size of the external area depends on the default font size of your operating system. Please alter it in your Control Panel.

Can I change the font size of the interface as the default type is too small for my ageing eyes.
You can change it in "Fonts" window of "Options" in "Tools" menu.

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