How can I get Report for my task, for Example: "list of task completed in may 2010" "list of task completed in last week" and so
Please operate as the below instructions in order: 1. Click the "Search" in the "Tools" Menu. 2. Select "Tasks" in the dropdown list of "Look in" at the left side. 3. Select "Date Completed" in the "Time Field" at the right side. 4. Fill the relevant condition in the "Condition". 5. Click the "Search Now" button.

I have purchased and received my reg code. Where does one enter this? I currently have loaded the free version.
1. Download Efficient To-Do List Professional Edition at . 2. Run EfficientToDoList-Setup.exe to install it. 3. Run Efficient To-Do List Professional Edition. 4. Enter your license code.

How can you call this software efficient when there is no provision for the time at which tasks have to be done?
In the editor page layout, there is no completed date. If you mark one task as completed, then the completed date will be set as of that day automatically. You can clink "costmoize current view" to set display the completed date, in the main page layout.

Is it possible to make the change I have suggested and if so, when would you expect it to be available?
We will strengthen the Tasks module of the EfficientPIM as follows: 1. Add some user-defined field which allows you to define the meaning of the field and you can display these field in the to-do list, then sorting it according to the content in these field. 2. You can display "contacts" and "categories" column in the to-do list, and then you can sort it according to the list.. I do not know whether this plan can satisfy your demand or not? And we have a plan to add this function in the 3.0 version which is going to be issued over June.

I am unable to get it to retain the settings for the sort criteria under Customize Current View or the pages margin under Page Setup. In both cases these settings are lost after a close down. (I have used >APPLY and APPLY TO in the view customisation option)
The setting in "Customize Current View" can be saved, but just for the present view. If you expect the current setting works in all other views, please click "Apply to". There is no Save option in "Page Setup", we will consider to improve it in the following edition.

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